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What to do at a Turks and Caicos family resort

turks and caicos family activitiesSo you’ve booked a trip to our Turks and Caicos family resort with your family. The big question you might have is: what to do?

While there are plenty of things for families to do on the island of Provo, from riding tame ponies to visiting museums and awesome playgrounds, the truth is that most people will never want to leave the Somerset. It’s a great place located right on Grace Bay Beach, one of the top beaches (if not the top beach) in the world.

And the beach provides plenty of activities for families. Here are our top 10 things to do for children.

1. Play Beach Games
There are tons of games to play with kids at the beach. One of our favorites is Sharks and Minnows. This beach game can be played on the shore or in shallow, still water. One person is designated as the shark, with the other players being the minnows. If the players are older, blindfold the shark to make the game more challenging.

2. Bingo
Take printable cards on your trip to the beach. Kids can use shells or pebbles to mark their cards.

3. Caicos Kids Club
Or, you can leave everything to the Caicos Kids Club organized by the staff at the Somerset. The Caicos Kids Club provides interesting activities for kids to do in order to give mom and dad some free time to experience some of the more sophisticated and romantic aspects of the island.

So, with the Kids Club in mind, let’s continue with our top 10 list:

4. Bonfire
Probably a little hard to organize on your own, every evening the Caicos Kids Club invites children to participate in a bonfire on the beach, complete with songs and stories, all under the Caribbean stars.

5. Bushes Craft
Learn more about the native plants and materials of Provo and the Turks and Caicos Islands, and then make interesting crafts to show friends and relatives back home.

6. Fabric Painting
For the more artistic kids, children learn about fabrics and receive expert instruction on how to paint them.

7. Fashion Show
Has your child created a fantastic painted fabric? What better way to show it off, right on the beach!

8. Jewelry and Mask Craft
Once again, a heavy emphasis on crafts means your kids will return home with some fantastic memories that will last a lifetime.

9. Junkanoo Bonfire
Junkanoo is a true Caribbean tradition and the kids will entertain the guests on of the nights, which will be fun for all and great for photos and memories of a fun time in Turks and Caicos. Part of the program is designed for the children to create masks and costumes throughout the week that will be used on the last two days of the program.

10. Movie Night / Pajama Jamy Jams
Once again designed to provide mom and dad with some quality time online at a luxury Caribbean resort. Kids watch movies, in their pajamas.

The Caicos Kids Club program is operated by an accomplished local school with certified teachers qualified to ensure a memorable experience. The activities for each day depends on number of kids that have signed up, the weather, etc.

Please register the day prior with the Concierge or Front Office using our online registration system. You can also download the Caicos Kids Club Sign Up Sheet to complete and fax to us ahead of time.

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