Turks and Caicos family vacations

The Somerset: the perfect Turks and Caicos kids destination

Poshbrood loves us! To be exact, Poshbrood loves Grace Bay Beach, and also enjoyed their stay at the Somerset, our family-friendly resort just steps away from the sparkling white strand.

Poshbrood is Elizabeth Thorp’s hip and chic upscale family travel website, and Elizabeth is mother to three wonderful daughters who also enjoyed their stay at Grace Bay Beach.

Elizabeth mentions 5 reasons why the Turks and Caicos are so great:

  1. They’re Easy to Get To
  2. Grace Bay Beach Is Great
  3. Perfect Accommodations (the Somerset, of course)
  4. Great Food
  5. Friendly People
She mentions there are multiple daily direct flights to TCI from places like Miami, New York, Toronto and other major centers – this is perfect if you’re travelling with kids and don’t want to test your luck and tempt a meltdown by transferring planes.
Grace Bay Beach is also awesome for kids – there’s perfect white sand, and, since it’s on the leeward side of Provo, the surf is very gentle, which is perfect for small swimmers (but be sure to keep your eyes on your kids at all times!)
Elizabeth also liked the Somerset – we have a pool, we’re close to the beach, and we’re kid-friendly. We even have special programs for children that can give parents some free time.
The food is good in TCI. ‘Nuff said.
Elizabeth also mentioned the lovely, friendly people of Provo as one of the chief attractions of TCI. We’re a small community here, so it’s like visiting family. We hope you can make it!

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