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Turks and Caicos SCUBA Diving

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On the surface, Grace Bay is the epitome of picture-perfect turquoise waters, but venture underneath the waves and you will be transported into another realm of ocean beauty. Scuba diving is widely popular throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands for its flourishing coral reefs and vast sea walls. Should you choose to live adventurously on your next trip, The Somerset can arrange the perfect Turks and Caicos scuba operator to take you on a unique underwater exploration.

What you will see

Grace Bay is protected by a long barrier reef that is home to a wide array of sea creatures. Groupers, barracuda, and reef sharks swim among some of the ocean’s most colorful fish and coral reefs. One of the biggest draws to Grace Bay are the sea turtles, which every diver enjoys seeing. Due to the bay’s range of depths, you can pick your dive site to feel comfortable scuba diving at any experience level.

Turks and Caicos SCUBA companies

Caicos Adventures, Dive Provo, and Big Blue Unlimited are among The Somerset’s preferred scuba operators. Each offers scuba instruction programs for all levels of certification, as well as, transport pickups and the option to rent equipment.

Options for beginners

You don’t need to be certified to explore the underwater beauty of Grace Bay. Each of the island’s SCUBA tour operator offers Open Water certification courses for beginners to get their certifications while on vacation. Just spend some time learning the course materials online and their dive masters will walk you through the equipment and dive skills firsthand.

SNUBA diving

Want to experience diving without the certification? SNUBA is a patented shallow water diving system that is a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving. Similar to diving, you will use a simple breathing regulator which is connected to an air supply that floats on the surface allowing you to swim at depths of 20 feet. However, much like snorkeling you don’t have to worry about the hassle of certification or heavy equipment. It’s a perfect way for kids and adults to revel in the aquatic wonders of Providenciales.

Schedule in advance

Due to the plentitude of sun shining days on Grace Bay, weather is near perfect for scuba diving every day. However, it is recommended to schedule your dive in advance due to availability. Should you need to get certified before your dive, you can schedule in advance to speed up the certification process.

Ready to dive in? Contact our concierge for booking options and don’t forget your underwater camera!


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