10 Years of Treasured Times

May Winner: 10 Years of Treasured Times

In 2016, we are celebrating The Somerset on Grace Bay‘s 10th anniversary and asking past guests to share their most treasured time. Each month, we will be giving away a free 3-night stay for 2.

Congratulations to The Carey Family who are our May winners of the Treasured Times Contest.

Their story

We welcomed this wonderful family of six to The Somerset in August 2015 after the youngest of the Carey daughters, Grace and Taylor, “discovered” TCI had a Grace Bay and a Taylor Bay. They convinced their family to vacation here, and the rest is history!

“Little did I know that I would be thanking my sisters for years to come for discovering such a wonderful vacation spot.” – Madison (oldest sister)

The Careys took advantage of our watersport offerings and enjoyed snorkeling, kayaking and paddleboarding. Much to everyone’s delight, the family even learned how to sail! They also visited old pier ruins and enjoyed many long walks on the beach in search of sand dollars and conch shells.

Grace Bay Fun, submitted by Madison Carey

“This is the one place that my family can forget about everything else.” – Taylor (youngest sister)

The Careys also enjoyed lounging by the pool and swimming in the water. The son is a water polo player, and the siblings spent countless hours splashing around with this sport. Taylor says she became a significantly better player that week, thanks to the instruction of her brother.

Fun at The Somerset Pool, submitted by Katherine Carey

Evening also brought the family members together, and they all agree highlights include dancing at the Tuesday night Beach BBQ and admiring the spectacular Grace Bay sunsets. Before their vacation, Grace purchased a camera and was VERY into taking pictures. The girls enjoyed participating in evening “photo shoots” on the beach while wading into the water. They were amazed when a bird flew into the frame of their picture, and they perfectly captured the special moment.

Careys at Sunset

“Being away as a family at The Somerset was perfect for bonding and experiences that we’ll never forget.” – Katherine (mother)

The sisters say they dream of coming back one day for family time. We are happy to help your dream come true, and look forward to welcoming you back for many more treasured times.

Share your treasured time

Join the celebration of our 10th anniversary by sharing your treasured time for a chance to win a 4-day/3-night stay. Ten monthly winners will be selected, and each winner will be announced on the 10th of every month. Tell us why you think the Somerset is a “perfect 10.”


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  1. Christy Parker

    We watched the live video feed on your website for a month preceding our trip. We pictured ourselves away from our busy schedules, keeping time by the sun alone. We looked forward to “hanging out” with our increasingly independent teenagers in a gorgeous setting with stress-free, sand-filled days.

    Our expectations were surpassed by The Somerset on Grace Bay — or more specifically, its staff. From the moment we stepped onto the property (cooling towels? YES! rum punch? YES? penthouse upgrade? YES!), we felt relaxed, welcomed and pampered. Though it boasts five stars, it feels more like a comfy stay at a friend’s REALLY LUXURIOUS (haha) vacation home.

    Details I loved?
    10. The shells on the outdoor tables.
    9. The fireeater at the beach BBQ.
    8. The easy listening music piped through each room in our suite.
    7. The bikes with baskets ready for our grocery runs.
    6. The “do not disturb” bag for our doorknob. 5. The water and chocolates left at our bedsides by our housekeeper.
    4. Our bubbly bathtub.
    3. The free sunblock!
    2. The seating/reading area in the breezeway — when you’re not quite ready to visit or leave the beach.
    1. And the number one reason we think the Somerset is a perfect 10? The views. Sunrises and sunsets, paired with unbelievably beautiful turquoise water.

    Thank you for all you do each and every day in the paradise you call your “workplace”. We can’t wait to visit again.

    -The Parkers
    West Chester, PA

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